Wedding Day Facial Skin Treatment by Priti Vyas
Facial skin treatment for your wedding day Priti Vyas, Partner at the Bharti Vyas Centres and featured “holistic beauty guru’ on the BBC Asian Network, talks to us about having facial skin treatment for your Wedding day.

Getting that perfect wedding day glow in your skin can be a real nightmare and choosing which facial that is best for you can often be quite daunting.

The build up to your wedding day can often leave you tired, worn out and stressed out which is reflected on your skin. You may even find that you have the added problems of having problem skin in the first place like acne, hyper pigmentation or dry skin.

It is also not about how many different kinds of products or machines they use on your skin, it is about how whatever they do will benefit your skin. Many companies also offer top to toe therapies to cater for those people’s skin which is suffering because of an imbalance within the body. Usually a good centre will get you to fill out a consultation form, which takes all your current and past lifestyle into consideration and appropriately tailor make a treatment for you.

A common problem I hear is that women are never quite sure what type of skin facial to go for. So here’s my top guide on how to choose the best facial for you.


Word of mouth is the best way to decide if a therapist or salon is right for you. If the person who recommends you looks great you know you might be on to a good thing.

Laser Hair Removal - Machines or At Home?

There are some fantastic machines like micro dermabrasion or non – surgical face lifts that are on the market that are used in facials. Remember that the technology we therapists use, are merely tools to help us achieve the desired effect. By themselves they will very rarely give you that; a good facial uses a combination of the two, so it can treat your skin as well as replenish it.

Many readers have asked me about our most popular pre wedding skin facials…

The BVM Acu-lymphatic Facial

Sometimes the skin can look uncared for, tired and dull, which can also reflect on the way you feel. It’s probably linked to long hours, stress and general neglect. Within the acu-lymphatic facial we cleanse and polish your skin and give it a wonderful hands-on acu-lymphatic massage – that it, we help drain away trapped lymph and stimulate vital pressure points to help balance the inner body. So at the end of the treatment, your skin will look revitalized and toned and your body will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The BVM Micro Dermabrasion Facial

I think micro dermabrasion is probably one of the best natural exfoliating systems out on the market. It has proven to be a godsend for people who suffer from dull skin spots, acne, stretch marks and scarring and uneven pigmentation. However, I also believe that it is a tool to help therapists treat and balance the skin. Used by itself, it can damage the skin so we combine the treatment with an acu-lymphatic Facial – so as well as removing layers of skin we are also replenishing it too; that way we can speed up the way the skin repairs and rejuvenates themselves.

The BVM Harmonising Treatment

This is our signature treatment and our most popular. This is a fantastic 90 minute top- to –toe treatment, which works on every level. It’s perfect for people who have busy, frenetic lifestyles, those whose bodies are imbalanced due to stress, illness or medication. It includes a dermabrasion facial or Acu-lymphatic facial, full body and scalp massage with heated Ayurvedic oils, a hand and foot treatment plus 40 minutes on the flowtron lymphatic boots. I always get clients to have this treatment as a monthly MOT, to ensure that you don’t need to come in and see us only when your body is at its most stressed and tired. Regular treatments will also help boost your immune system.

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